Voices In Validation

Risk Revolution: Bias and Heuristics Pt 1

March 16, 2021

This week we present Risk Revolution, a monthly series intended to advance the maturity of risk management practices within the industry, by covering topics that challenge quality professionals to continuously seek opportunities to improve and advance the ways in which they perceive and manage risk.

This week our series coordinators, Lori and Nuala, engage their guest Randy Friedman in an engaging discussion on the ways in which bias and heuristics impact risk management, risk identification, and the decisions made during the process.

Resources from this Episode:

Understanding Problems of Subjectivity and Uncertainty in Quality Risk Management -https://www.ivtnetwork.com/article/understanding-problems-subjectivity-and-uncertainty-quality-risk-management

Risk Analysis and Ordinal Risk Rating Scales A Closer Look - https://www.ivtnetwork.com/article/risk-analysis-and-ordinal-risk-rating-scales%E2%80%94-closer-look

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